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"Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation"

A new book by H. Vandergouw describing the times we're living in, with a dominate emphasis on Israel and her importance to endtime events.  A must read for any individual that has a heart for Israel and wishes to know and prepare for the times we are living in.

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“The writing of this book could not have come at a more opportune time for the Christian church.  H. Vandergouw has done a comprehensive work of taking Biblical studies, history, archaeology and current events and weaving them creatively into a compelling narrative. His work on the coming economic collapse alone is worth the price of the book.  Thank you Hans for the wake up call.”
                   Dale Schlafer, President for                  World Revival and Awakening

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HIGHER POWER INVESTING provides financial guidance in a multifaceted and tiered approach to assist you with wealth generation and preservation at a most affordable price.  It's not only designed to assist you with capital preservation, but  to increase it as well.  This is especially important in the days we are living in, which points us to the endtimes more than ever before.   Click the "Check out our Products" link button to find out the basis to this investing approach.

We are a Christian organization that has as its goal to empower the body of Christ on greater levels in the financial realm.  Since we have been bought at a great price,  it should become the desire and goal of every Christian to become better stewards of their finances.   We believe there are some critical keys that our advisory can share which will help in this regard.  At the same time, since we are Christians, we believe that we can impart financial wisdom in the context of  what the Lord would desire from His people, whom He so dearly loves. Please consider our advise.   It is our goal to bless the Lord with the abundance He ultimately provides.  All He asks for is a small token return so His Kingdom can increase.   Let's do all we can in this final season of the latter harvest.

As experts in safe investing practices, high dividend investments, and high probability investment techniques, we can tell you that successful investing is anchored on two major points.  First, one needs to limit losses so that winners exceed losers by as large a margin as possible.  There are tools available that help you do this.  These tools are primarily meant to prevent catastrophic loss.  It is a sad commentary as to how many people have lost a significant portion of their life’s savings in the stock market all because they did not employ some type or form of stop-loss protection.  It is all the more sad that a significant majority of these people simply kept open positions in the stocks because their brokers advised them to do so (buy and hold strategy), or worse, held mutual funds that have no stop - loss control mechanisms whatsoever.  Not only do our portfolios offer this protection for your benefit, but they also attempt to combine capital appreciation (stock price increase), dividend payouts (similar to interest) and tax protection whenever possible.   In this way, your stock investment portfolio can provide you with the greatest gain without sacrificing safety.
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Our country, more than any time in its history, is in a very dangerous state regarding its economic condition (read complimentary excerpt from "Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation" below).  Our government is attempting to “stimulate” the economy into economic growth and prosperity by injecting funds it does not have.  This has led the Federal government, in cahoots with the Federal Reserve (which is not a government agency, mind you, but a private one) to print “fiat” dollars that have absolutely no backing.  For this reason, Higher Power Investing not only has a keen eye towards looking for dangers in the market, but also considers investments that have a greater ability to weather the coming economic storms that are developing ahead based on the perils of currency debasement that is taking place this day. 

Historically it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to “time” the market in regard to it going up or down.  This is especially true this day, as the forces of market manipulation can in themselves cause undue surprises. Due to the massive amounts of monetary infusion into the economy, we have observed all the indices (DOW, Nasdaq, S & P 500, etc.) go up.  Is it possible for the indices to continue moving upward even when the fundamentals  are shouting “No way”?  Absolutely.  For this reason, Higher Power Investing attempts to find investment vehicles that will be most resistant to market downturns.  In various instances, we recommend various holdings that may even increase with a market downturn.  The importance of keeping a portfolio “resistant” to market downturns cannot be underestimated.   Yet, we also believe in investment strategies that may appear “high risk”, when in fact they are no more or even less so than the standard “buy and hold” approach used by most investors.  This is why we use the tiered approach to portfolio wealth generation and preservation.  You will be able to read about all this if you choose to join us.  Give us a try.
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Although our government is the largest business in the world, what many Americans are unaware of or unwilling to face is that our government, and therefore our nation, is now officially bankrupt.  The last 40 years has seen our government’s indebtedness grow beyond comprehension.  At the time of this writing, our country has gone from being the largest creditor nation to being the largest debtor nation in the world all within a time span of less than 50 years!  Today, we have a total national debt of over 14.5 trillion dollars (national deficit and debt are one of the same), which equates to $43,000 per person or $215,000 per household of five.  Already, the interest payment on the national debt is the largest item on the federal budget by far.  Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  At the time of this writing, (10/2010) we can add another….

1)  $1 TRILLION needed to bankroll the new Obama healthcare plan.
2)  $1.36 TRILLION from the U.S. Federal deficit.
3)  $4.12 TRILLION owed to foreign investors (for example, we owe $2.1 trillion to the Chinese in treasury bonds that they have                                       cumulatively purchased)
4)  $6.27 TRILLION in cumulative deficits projected over the next 10 years.
5)  $110 TRILLION of unfunded liabilities in Social Security, Medicare, Prescription Drug benefits that will need to be paid out in the very                    near future. 

Today, America’s total debts and forward liabilities equals 136 TRILLION DOLLARS!  This amount is so staggering, so overwhelming and so shocking that it literally defies comprehension.  Worse, we do not even have the assets available to liquidate this debt. If we took the value of all personal wealth of Americans (houses, cars, savings accounts, etc), corporate assets, small business assets, commercial real estate, and even non-profits, we would come to a total of approximately $74 trillion.  Subtracting out the difference, we would still be in the hole for $62 trillion dollars!  Each man, woman and child in our country would have to give $199,845 over and above our assets to eradicate this deficit!  In other words, a family of five would have to give the government $736,249 to liquidate this debt.  So, if the taxpayer where ultimately required to pay the total due, the typical American household family of five would have to cough up over $951,249, nearly a MILLION DOLLARS!  And mind you, this is for every household in America!  Incidentally, by the time you read this chapter, it will easily be over $1,000,000!!
                             Excerpt from Chapter VIII. "The Coming Global Economic Collapse" in the book  Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation
Praise the Lord!  Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments.  His decendants will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed.  Wealth and riches will be in his house and his righteousness endures forever.            Psalm 112: 1-3
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